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Okmulgee Oklahoma

History Of Okmulgee OK

Okmulgee has been the capital of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation since 1868, when it was founded following the United States Civil War. The Creek Nation began restoring order after that conflict. They had allied with the Confederacy during the war and needed to make a new peace treaty with the United States afterward as a result. They passed a new constitution and elected Samuel Checote as their first principal chief after the war.

In 1869, a post office (originally spelled Okmulkee) was established in the town, with Captain Frederick B. Severs appointed as the first postmaster. The name of the post office was officially changed to the present spelling on November 15, 1883. For seven years, beginning December 20, 1870, Okmulgee was the seat of government of all of what would become the State of Oklahoma except for the Panhandle.[7]

The St. Louis, Oklahoma and Southern Railway (later absorbed by the Frisco railroad) reached Okmulgee in 1900; this triggered a building boom because it connected the town to other markets. By the time of Oklahoma statehood in 1907, the town had 2,322 residents and was named as the seat of Okmulgee County.

Coal mined in the Henryetta area[8] and agriculture were the basis of the early economy. Discovery of oil at nearby Morris in 1907[8] stimulated expansion of Okmulgee, and attracted several new industries to town. These included three glass factories, a bottle factory, and foundry and machine shops. Five local refineries were operational by the early 1920s.[5]

These industries were a catalyst for growth: The population was 4,176 in the 1910 census,[5] but the city boomed to approximately 35,000 people during the 1920s.[5] A newspaper article from this era claimed Okmulgee had more millionaires per capita than anyplace else in Oklahoma.[9] Another source says Okmulgee had more millionaires living in town than any other city of comparable size.[8]

But decreasing oil production and lower prices, the coming of the Great Depression, and other factors caused the population to shrink to 17,097 by the 1930 census.[5] The population remained relatively stable, increasing slightly to 18,317 by the 1950 census. In the postwar period, there was an urbanization shift of population toward larger cities and their suburbs because of job opportunities, and the city’s population has declined.[5] The population at the 2010 census was 12,321, a loss of 5.4 percent since the 2000 census figure of 13,022.[10]


Okmulgee is located at 35°37′28″N 95°57′48″W (35.624558, -95.963254).[11] According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 33.8 square miles (33.2 km²), all of its land. It is located in the heart of Oklahoma’s “Green Country“, in the North East Quadrant of Oklahoma. Okmulgee is 38 miles south of Tulsa and 13 miles north of Henryetta via US-75.[6]

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Okmulgee OK is a city in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, United States. The 2009 population estimate was 12,558. It is the county seat of Okmulgee County. The town has been the capital of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation since the United States Civil War. Okmulgee means “boiling waters” in the Creek language. The site was chosen because of the nearby rivers and springs.
Okmulgee is located at 35°37′28″N 95°57′48″W / 35.62444°N 95.96333°W / 35.62444; -95.96333 (35.624558, -95.963254).
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 33.8 square miles (33.2 km²), all of it land. Actually, Okmulgee means “babbling brook”, it is also translated as ‘Effluvium’. It’s located in the heart of Oklahoma’s “Green Country”, in the North East Quadrant of Oklahoma. It is also home to Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology.

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