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This video transcript for a Junkyard not in Tulsa OK but in GA is helpful to understand how Cash for Cars Tulsa works!

: We’re in Marietta, Georgia. We’re going to give this young lady cash for her junk car. What’s your name again? : Shantrice. : Shantrice, how you doing? What kind of car do you got? : Fine and you? A 2006 Ford Taurus. : 2006 Ford Taurus. OK you’ve never been on video like this before? : No. : OK, that’s cool. All right, what did you say was wrong with the car? : Something with the motor. : The motor. What is it doing? : Smoking. : It smokes. It’s not supposed to smoke, is it? : No. : OK. Let me see the key real quick.

We’ll test it. : OK it needs a jump. : It needs a jump? Uh oh. : I just gave it one. : OK I didn’t bring my jump box with me. : I have my jumper cables. : That’s OK, I’m not going to put you through all of that trouble. We’ll just take a quick look at the car. Let’s see if it has any power at all. No power. All right well, it’s an 06 Ford Taurus. : That or it’s just like when we crank it, it went right back out like… I’m on video. : All right the car looks OK. The body, the paint’s fading. Most Ford Taurus paint fades after awhile. I guess Ford don’t want to spend the money to get good paint. Got a little flat tire. OK junk car fans, this is another junk car in Marietta. Cash for junk cars. We’re gonna shut the video down and try to make a deal. Thanks for watching! .

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