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Junkyards Tulsa Oklahoma

Junkyards Tulsa

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Top Ten Junkyards in the United States

Portland, United States – January 23, 2020 / Effective Web Solutions /

Amazing Junkyards in the United States

While junkyards may be an eyesore for some people with all that rusted metal and those discarded parts, they’re also a haven for car enthusiasts everywhere. While most people look to get rid of junk cars, junkyard owners actively look to acquire old junked cars for their parts. Many American junkyards are modest affairs, an acre or two here and there. However, United States salvage is a $22 billion a year industry. Nearly 13 million cars are recycled every year in the United States. With environmental regulations and evolving land-use practices, junkyards are often pushed out of towns and into more rural areas. However, the junkyards we’re detailing in this post are not the average scrap yard. Take a look.

Junkyards Tulsa


  1. French Lake Auto Parts in Minnesota

French Lake Auto Parts is located 60 miles west of Minneapolis and has been in operation for more than half a century. The scrapyard has over 100 acres filled with up to 10,000 vehicles on any given day. These cars are suitable for restoration as well as scrap metal recycling and car part recycling. People can find cars dating back to the 1920s in all makes and models. If they’re in the area and need a hard-to-find car part, French Lake Auto Parts is the place to call.

  1. CTC Auto Ranch in Texas

CTC Auto Ranch is in Denton, Texas, just an hour north of Dallas. The scrapyard specializes in muscle cars from the ’60s and ’70s, and it’s one of the most popular automobile recyclers in the country. The dry climate in Denton means that these old cars are rust-free and perfect for restoration. There are over 4,000 vehicles at CTC Auto Ranch, and their inventory changes daily. In addition to their inventory of restorable vehicles, the junkyard stocks sheet metal and car parts.

  1. Wildcat Auto Wrecking in Oregon

Located in Sandy, Oregon, Wildcat Auto Wrecking focuses on Chrysler vehicles and parts. It’s the only MoPar-specific junkyard in the Pacific Northwest. Wildcat Auto Wrecking has over 800 cars in its inventory, including plenty of vehicles suitable for restoration projects. The scrapyard is known for mostly rust-free auto bodies from the 1950s through the 1970s. Additionally, their part inventory encompasses nearly everything, including motors, glass, doors, bumpers, and more.

  1. All Bikes Salvage Yard in Arizona

This junkyard in Arizona was a huge all-motorcycle salvage yard with thousands of old motorcycles and parts. Unfortunately, a fire in June 2013 that originated on the property destroyed more than 9,000 motorcycles. The fire then spread to a nearby trailer park and destroyed multiple mobile homes along with a shed. However, All Bikes Salvage Yard has recently been revived, though it is not the same as it was before the fire.

  1. Turner’s Auto Wrecking in California

This scrapyard in Fresno began in 1928, and it was featured in a prominent photo series in the magazine Hot Rod. Turner’s Auto Wrecking encompasses over 100 acres of vintage cars and parts, and it’s a haven for car enthusiasts across the United States. If people are looking for a hard-to-find part for their restoration project, there’s a significant chance that they can find it at Jerry Turner’s salvage yard.

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